Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sue Garman Quilts

The great "Houston Quilt Market" opens in two days! I am excited about seeing what is new this year, and my own Mother Goose and Friends collection of fabrics by P and B Textiles will debut at Quilt Market. Wheee!!!! P and B is a great company to work with because they maintain and support their fabric lines over time -- that's great for store owners and customers who wish to re-order bolts.

Blogging is new to me -- I have so much I want to do with this blog, though: sharing new ideas, new patterns, inspiration, and the joy of quilting. I guess I had better get to work so I can do that!


  1. Hi Sue, We purchased your Mother Goose line from P & B textiles back at fall quilt market. I remember you telling us that you had designed a pattern for Designer's Quarters. What issue will your pattern appear in? Thanks, Janice
    P.S. We love your Mother Goose line

  2. Hi Janice -
    Sorry that I did not reply sooner; sometimes I have trouble keeping up with the comments! The pattern in Designer's Quarters appeared in the January 2008 issue. Thanks for asking!

  3. Hi Sue
    Im the volunteer at village in Brigham! Im so excited that you are coming! I just finished my Oh My Gosh and am soo excited to show you. I made it with 15 of mary anne blocks. It was fun. Did Quakertown tell you I found a correction in the pattern. They said that most people who make it dont cut it all out first but my friend and I did. HaHaHaHa. I love it and am so glad to show you. They are going to hang it in the store to advertise you coming.
    Thanks for the fun pattern.

  4. Hi Sue
    Im so excited to see you in Jan. I have been watching your class on the Quilt show and your lecture on fabric choices is the best one I have seen. I loved it and learned soooooooooo much! I have had my Oh my gosh on the wall at home. I really like it. I cant wait to show it to you when you come is Jan. I want to get started on the Stars for a new day. I love it. See you soon.