Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And Finally... What is New???

Finally, I get to show you some new things that I have been working on. First of all, you have seen my latest block of the month in an earlier posting – but I’ll show it again. I love medallion quilts. They have a lot of complexity which, for me, translates into a lot of visual interest. This quilt, the “Coxcomb Medallion,” is a little different – I inserted a ruffled swag into the interior of the quilt, instead of adding it where it usually ends up: the final border. And the center block is appliqued – so this quilt is a combination of piecing and applique, which keeps it interesting.

Next, my new fabric line for P and B Textiles will be shipped in July to shops that order it. It is called “Sing a Song” and illustrates eight favorite childhood songs. I love the border fabric for this quilt – it is soft and bright; it sings “happy” to me! The four leading colors (blue, yellow, green, and pink) are very rich, but they also have a complementary soothingly pale partner. Beneath the fabric swatches, you will see a quilt made using this fabric. I am so thankful for friends Debbie S, who did a fantastic job making the quilt based on a pattern I designed, and Cynthia C who did an extraordinary job of quilting it for me. Caring for an ill family member has filled the past six months for me, so their generous gift of time and energy are much appreciated.

Sing a Song fabric by P&B Textiles

The Sing a Song Quilt (50 x 50")
Third… I have been working on my own Baltimore designs. I have always wanted to make a Baltimore album quilt and I am now putting the pedal to the metal and sewing like crazy! The designs are all complete – sixteen brand new, original 15-inch blocks based on classic vintage Baltimore album quilt blocks; and four wildly elegant borders with exquisite vases full of blooming flowers, buds, and berries. I had so much fun designing these blocks and borders – I am ready to tackle another set of similar blocks as soon as I finish making this quilt. The current debate (in my head and among friends) is: hand quilt or machine quilt? My gut says I need to hand quilt this quilt once I finish the top; hand quilting would be in keeping with the era in which Baltimore album quilts were birthed. But my head says I should give myself a tiny little bit of breathing room and spend only a week or two machine quilting the quilt instead of spending innumerable sleepless weeks pricking holes in my fingers (no, I don’t use a thimble to applique or quilt – they bother me!). Time will give me the right answer, one way or another. So here are the blocks and the borders – ten blocks and one border are finished. My deadline to complete the quilt (including the quilting) is mid-September. I feel like the little “I think I can! I think I can!” train, chugging along with every ounce of energy I have! So here are the blocks -- you have seen a couple of them in an earlier posting - but I am putting them all together here. The first picture is one of the borders -- they are each different, with different vases in the center, and different vases in each corner of the quilt. Below the first picture are ten of the blocks - I still have a bit of embroidery to do on some of them. Time seems to be escaping me!

I still have 6 blocks that need to be appliqued - and three more borders. Wish me well… and I hope that you each enjoy some lazy days of quilting as we enter a long, sweet summer!

©2010 Susan H. Garman