Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sisters, Part 2

Yes, yes, I know I'm SUPER late in getting part 2 out.  The last few months have literally FLOWN away.  I have tons to show and discuss, so maybe I'll get a couple of posts done before November is over!  So, here I am finally getting out the photos from the actual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  Remember, the last post was of the quilt shows leading up to the big day!  Warning... there will be a lot of photos in this post, and not so many words.  There is just too much to share!

We arrived very early in the morning, because we wanted to start by seeing how they sort and hang all of the quilts...
The light of dawn on the main street in Sisters on the morning of the show.
The quilts are all lying out in black bags along the sidewalks in the areas where they will be hung.  The bags have labels on them.  Normally, having a quilt in a black bag would worry me terribly because I'd be afraid they'd get thrown away, but I'm pretty sure the folks in Sisters know better!  Hehehe.  They do look a bit like body bags, though...

Some of the quilts, like these that go up high on the side of The Stitchin' Post building, require the help of the local fire department.  It's quite a big deal, and there was an audience, with plenty of ladies hoping to get their picture with a fire fighter.

We also found a lovely tasting room for locally distilled spirits from Cascade Street Distillery that opens early on event weekends like this.  I highly recommend their spicy vodka bloody Mary!  And the Marionberry vodka to absolutely wonderful!

Quilting With My Peeps
And then there were all of the quilts... more than I can write about.  If I managed to get the maker's information, I've added it to the caption below.  The quilts were literally everywhere... hanging on the buildings, hanging on fences, hanging just about anywhere a quilt could possibly be hung.  Once we saw how they were hung, we saw all of the wires.  They are left year-round along all of the buildings.  The volunteers that hang them assured us that they wipe them down before putting the quilts up.

The main street is shut down for the day and people are everywhere, enjoying quilts and shopping in the local shops.

My Lovely Girls, made and quilted by Barbara Bowman and Sunny Days, made and quilted by Marcia Jacobson

Bend Sky made by Jan Tetzlaff and quilted by Tammy MacArthur; Rain made and quilted by Scott Hansen; Circled made and  quilted by June Jaeger

Be Square, made and quilted by Jill Huntington

Zinnia, made and quilted by Stacey Day

ABC's of Life, made by Harriet Bender and quilted by Sandy Lackowski

Shadow Liberty, made by Sarah Bond

Simple Folk, made by Sarah Fielke and quilted by Jeanette Bruce

Midnight at the Oasis by Jen Kingwell

Cow Abstractions by Violet Craft

Rattled, made by Tula Pink and quilted by Kathleen Riggins

Silver Expression, made and quilted by Colleen Blackwood

Flower Cocktail, made by Robin Long Ruth and quilted by Wanda Rains

Chic Country, made and quilted by Jenny Pedigo, Sew Kind of Wonderful
That's it for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show photos.  And that's it for now.  I'll be back soon, with photos from the International Quilt Festival Houston.  Yippee!

Keep on quilting!