Sunday, January 10, 2010

The New Year Has Begun!

Many of you are aware of the fact that family issues have caused me to step back from most of my commitments during the coming year. The one thing that I can still manage to do, in the evenings, is design work - so those efforts will continue to the extent possible. Because time is at a premium in my life right now, I have no new quilts to show. Still, there are some old quilts that I am pleased to post on my blog this month. These quilts are antique quilts that hung in a special exhibition at the International Quilt Associations's 2009 Show in Houston. Every year, the IQA quilt show has inspired me to create several new designs. This past year was no exception - and once my calendar is more flexible, you'll be seeing several old quilts made new. For now, however, below are a few of the quilts that I dearly loved seeing. Thank you to IQA for giving us such wonderful exhibitions!
The exception to the antique quilts is the very first one; Winnie F is the proud owner of this quilt, which she started as part of a round robin. It has inspired me tremendously and is truly a fresh and innovative medallion quilt. Winnie is well-known in the Houston area for her medallion quilts; they are all exquisite.

With best wishes to everyone for a grand New Year -- happy sewing!
Sue Garman

(c)2010 Susan H. Garman
Winnie Fleming's round robin quilt

The remainder of this quilts are, I'm sorry to say, not identified as to the maker or year. My first New Year's resolution should have been "take better notes!"

The above photo is a close-up of the quilt below.

Don't you just love the bright colors and the whimsical play of the half-square triangles in the above quilt? It is so delightful!

Happy quilting in 2010!