Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bouquets for a New Day

The secret is out!

In late September, I was approached by The Quilt Show (Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson's online web community) to design a block-of-the-month quilt that they would feature during 2008. With such a short fuse, squeezing designing, making, and writing the pattern into my schedule was a challenge, but it was such a wonderful opportunity for me to share my love of quilting with others that... how could I say no?!! It also represented an opportunity for me to focus on a different venue: presenting patterns on-line, which opened a lot of new doors in "teaching" by allowing color photos to be incorporated into the pattern. As you can imagine, reproducing color photos is quite expensive in an "every day" pattern.

In Bouquets for a New Day, the patterns are all bouquets of flowers in baskets or vases, and a new one is to be posted on The Quilt Show website every month. The twelfth month will also include the setting instructions. To get the instructions for the patterns each month, you simply have to join The Quilt Show ( as a Star Member -- and on the first of each month, the pattern will be posted and ready for Star Members to print and make.

Below is a photo of the quilt - it is not quilted yet, but my good friend Denise will be taking care of that in the near future.

Bouquets for New Day (c)2007 Susan H. Garman

I hope the new year brings you great joy, terrific health, and much love.


Monday, December 10, 2007

Galveston's Tall Ship Elissa

Hi there --

I am so fortunate! Amidst all the craziness of having too much on my plate, I still enjoy every single day and believe that life is just great! The latest quilt that I have made is a medallion quilt. Here's a photo of it:

The Tall Ship Elissa
43 x 43"
(c)2007 Susan H. Garman

The ship in the center of the medallion is The Elissa -- an 1877 fully restored tall ship that docks nearby at Galveston's wharves. In February, I will be leading two all-day workshops in Galveston at the annual retreat sponsored by Quakertown Quilts (check here if you'd like more information: I particularly like teaching workshops down on the island because a) it's across the street from the beach and I love the beach, b) the gals who come are all a lot of fun, so I have a lot of fun, and c) I can sleep in my own bed, as my house is on the shore on the west end of the island. Even a seasoned road warrior like myself enjoys sleeping in her own bed once in a while! Think about signing up for the retreat -- it will be FUN!