Friday, October 1, 2021

Who Knew?

There are so many questions that I could ask that begin with, "Who knew?"  Like... Who knew that I, along with millions of others, would still be working from home after eighteen months?  Almost two years of the COVID pandemic keeping so many people in isolation, masked up, away from friends and family, and worse.  I pray that it comes to end sooner rather than later, and that we can all get back to a normal world again, whatever normal looks like in our futures!  Stay safe and healthy!

Who knew that Mom loved angels so much that she made two quilts of angels??  No me!  Last blog, I posted about The Angel Quilt and how we have re-released it on the Come Quilt website.  As it turns out, that was not the quilt that I was getting so many requests for.  She had also made a pattern for a quilt that she simply named Angels.  That one has also been updated and re-released on the website.  It's a cutie!  If I actually had the quilt, I would take more photos of it, and give you some closeups.  Alas, I have no idea where this quilt is living, so all I have to share is a photo that we found on Mom's computer.

Angels by Sue Garman

Who knew that I'd have so much catching up to do with posting photos of quilts that I've done?!  I'm embarrassed to say how long ago we finished these quilts, but let's just say they were done before the world went into lockdown.  My friend, Sheila, and I have boys that are just a month apart in age, and they used to go to the same summer camp together.  The camp does an online fundraising auction every year to help pay for camp for kids that can't afford it.  Sheila made these two quilt tops using shirts from the two camp groups that kids get assigned to, and I quilted them up for her, to be donated for that auction.  I love the backing that Sheila picked, with all of the positive words, and I chose an outdoorsy edge-2-edge pattern for the quilting.  This one is forest friends pano 001 by Kimberlee Diamond at Sweet Dreams Quilt Studio.  I need to check and see if that auction ever happened!

Omega quilt overall top.

Omega quilt closeup.

Omega quilt back.

Alpha quilt overall top

Alpha quilt closeup

Alpha quilt backing

Who knew that my friends were such prolific quilters?  I guess I do know this, but I'm trying to keep with the theme of this post here.  LOL!  I'm posting photos of two quilts that I quilted for my good friend, Becky.  The first is a vintage or antique top that she picked up, which is in excellent condition!  In keeping with a traditional, older top, and knowing that it's one of Becky's favorites, I went with a traditional Baptist Fan pattern for the quilting.  This one is also from Kimberlee Diamond, baptist fan pano 003.

Antique top overall

Antique top closeup

Antique top backing

The other quilt that I did for Becky is a very scrappy sew along quilt from Temecula Quilt Company.  In 2020, Temecula did a weekly scavenger hunt with clues for where to find the next part of the sewing instructions in one of their books.  Becky and her sister, Jerrianne, both made the quilts, and then had me and another longarmer friend, Cynthia, quilt each of them.  I love scrappy, and I love Civil War colors, so I love this quilt!

Scavenger Hunt quilt overall

Scavenger hunt quilt closeup

Who knew it would take me so many YEARS to quilt my sister's Hawaiian style applique quilt?  Back in June of 2017, we posted a photo of Mary's quilt top that she had finished.  I finally got it loaded on my machine and quilted it in a traditional Hawaiian style, with load and loads of echoes around the applique.  It still needs to be bound, so it's not completely complete, but it's certainly a lot closer!

Mary Hawaiian quilt overall

Mary Hawaiian quilt closeup

Who knew I'd be so obsessed with the Dream Big panels??  I made one for my son, very bright and electric, to hang in his room a few years ago.  And, I have a black and white one to finish "someday."  And, when the panels were released on Cuddle fabric, I bought and quilted two more.  They're so soft and cuddly, just like the name!  The first purple and blue panel, I quilted up using an edge-2-edge set from Sweet Dreams (again), called Hoffman Small Flower Panel 2 Bundle.  I love all of the hidden fairies, butterflies, and dragonflies floating around within the bubbles.  The light blue panel, I also quilted using a set of patterns from Sweet Dreams.  That set is called Hoffman Zen Dream Feather Bundle.  It has absolutely gorgeous veined feathers filling each petal perfectly!

Dream Big Cuddle Dark Overall

Dream Big Cuddle Dark Closeup

Dream Big Cuddle light overall

Dream Big Cuddle light closeup

Dream Big Cuddle light backing

Who knew I'd run out of steam writing, before I finished catching up the photos?  I think that's all I'm going to share for now.  I'll try to do a better job of posting more often so I don't have such a backlog of pictures to share.  See you soon!

Keep quilting!