Sunday, May 6, 2018

Celebrating Sue!

Whew!  I am exhausted after a VERY full month of finishing up my quilts to hang in my guild's quilt show, and helping out with the show itself.  The theme of the show was "Celebrating Sue!" so there were a lot of quilts that were her patterns, or were inspired by her.  It was awesome.  The show ended yesterday, and that's the focus of this month's post... some of the winning quilts, some of which were mine!  These are my very first ribbons, and I was awarded four.  So amazing and exciting!

I want to start with the Best of Theme winner, which also received a First Place for Hand Appliqued Made by 2 or More Persons.  This is The Grape Quilt, made by Jerrianne Evans, and quilted by Cindy Gravely.  This is one of Mom's patterns that hadn't been released yet, only because we didn't have a finished quilt to put on the cover.  We do now!  It's an absolutely stunning quilt, with a whopping 1620 grapes appliqued onto the vines.  I just can't express how much I love this quilt!  If you're interested in making your own, check out the pattern on our website: The Grape Quilt.

The Grape Quilt by Jerrianne Evans
Next up, we have the Best in Show winner, which also received First Place Pieced Quilt Made by 2 or More Persons (Large).  This is Another Halo for Sue, made by Sharon Meyer and quilted by LeeAnn Lively.  This is another of Sue's patterns, the Halo Medallion Quilt.  Beautiful!
Another Halo for Sue, by Sharon Meyer
The quilt that received the Merit Machine Quilting ribbon and a Judge's Recognition ribbon is absolutely incredible.  This is Butterfly, made and quilted by Marcia Henry.  The quilting is so intricate and beautiful.  It's no wonder she received the merit ribbon for her work here.

Butterfly by Marcia Henry

Closeup of Butterfly by Marcia Henry

Closeup of Butterfly by Marcia Henry
Switching to a much more whimsical quilting style, here is Whatever, made and quilted by Karen Shively.  The bright colors and characters are so fun, and the quilting is really cool and different.  The characters are supposed to represent guild board members.  LOL!
Whatever by Karen Shively
The quilt that took Second Place Hand Appliqued One Person is another that is based on a Sue Garman pattern, Baltimore Squared, using the Cherry Wreath block.  This is The Cherry Wreath, made and quilted by Lee Ann Lively.

The Cherry Wreath by LeeAnn Lively
Miniatures!  I do love the tiny quilts, and it seems like that's been my focus for the last year or two.  Maybe it's because I can finish one so much more quickly than a large quilt.  First Place Miniature went to Cynthia Clark for Mini Hugs and Kisses, a tiny version, as its name suggests, of Sue's Hugs and Kisses quilt.  So cute!  And those little, teeny, hand appliqued blocks are impossible to imagine doing myself, not to mention that little, teeny crosshatching!
Mini Hugs and Kisses by Cynthia Clark
I got both Second Place Miniature and Third Place Miniature, for Rings of Love and Baby Bear, respectively.  I was floored! 
Rings of Love by Jenny Arkinson
Baby Bear by Jenny Arkinson
And that leads right into Mama Bear and Papa Bear, which received ribbons for Third Place Pieced Quilt Small Made by One Person and Honorable Mention Pieced Quilt Small Made by One Person.  The whole Goldilocks family got ribbons!!!  I'm thinking very seriously about creating a pattern for these cuties, so folks can create their own Three Bears!
Mama Bear by Jenny Arkinson
Papa Bear by Jenny Arkinson
We had a pair of fraternal twins win First Place Pieced Quilt Small One Person and Second Place Pieced Quilt Small One Person.  They are both based on the pattern Surprisingly Red by Jacqueline de Jonge.  First went to Surprisingly Cool, made and quilted by Dana Robbins.  Second went to Disco Rainbow, made and quilted by Judy Smith.  It's really fun to see pairs together like this, where you can really see different color choices up close.
Surprisingly Cool by Dana Robbins
Disco Rainbow by Judy Smith
Jerrianne Evans received another ribbon for her Reels quilt.  It was made by Jerrianne and Marci Henry, and quilting by Marci Henry.  This quilt received Second Place Mixed Technique 2 or More Persons.  I love the color choices, the symmetry, and the quilting.
Reels by Jerrianne Evans and Marci Henry
There was another Halo Medallion quilt that received a ribbon, this one for First Place Pieced Quilt Large Made by One Person.  This is Halo Medallion, made and quilted by Peggy Richards.  I love the colors that she chose for this version.  It makes me think of the beach, or a nice summer day.
Halo Medallion by Peggy Richards
Second Place in that same category went to Cynthia Clark for Bubble Gum Beauty.  This quilt is a pink and brown version of Sue's Sleeping Beauty quilt.  I love the colors and how it turned out.  Beautiful!
Bubble Gum Beauty by Cynthia Clark
The last quilts I want to show are the youth quilts, all of which receive a ribbon.  I really enjoy seeing our young people getting into quilting at a young age.  Here we have Scrappy Fox, made by Brooklynne Ford and quilted by Belinda Soderberg; New Beginnings, made by Sofia and Marcia Henry and quilted by Marcia Henry; and A Child's Fantasy, made and quilted by Amanda Lively.
Scrappy Fox by Brooklynne Ford
New Beginnings by Sofia Henry

A Child's Fantasy by Amanda Lively
I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the Lakeview Quilters Guild 2018 Quilt Show.  I didn't post all of the quilts, or even all of the winners or all of the categories.  It would have been too much!  See you next month!

Keep on quilting!
Jenny Arkinson