Sunday, November 3, 2013

Be Patient!

Fiddlesticks!  My long-promised website ( is not online yet.  It seems that my web host and my website people have not done some sort of magic handshake in the dark of the night.  Of course, this had to happen while I was out of town (at the Houston quilt show - I should have foreseen it!) and by the time I got home, it was the weekend.  So... hang in there, dear people...  hopefully it will be up and running this week.  At least what is on screen is hay bales and not something totally weird.  Not that hay bales aren't weird to some; in Texas, it is what farmers do with the grassy pastures on their farms so they get an agriculture tax exemption and can feed cattle. 

Please be patient... even though I am far from it at this point!
Sue Garman


  1. You know us quilters Sue. We are a patient bunch. I noticed your bale of hay yesterday and just figured I would try again another time. We are just happy you will have your own site but only if it makes you happy.

  2. Yes, I admit..I have visited the haybales daily! HA! The 'magic handshake' comment made me laugh out loud- and I am home alone! It does feel like all this stuff on the internet is magic doesn't it!? I hope you had a wonderful time in Houston. I am looking forward to going next yr.

  3. It will all come together in due time. No worries.

  4. Yahoo! I just made my first purchase on your new website :) Smooth as silk! Good Luck!!

  5. Hey, look!! It's there :D Looks great, Sue. Makes me want to drop my exercise time and go work some more on my Ruffled Roses right now. ;D

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