Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Was I Thinking?!!!

Yes... what was I thinking when I said that I'd have a website with my patterns up and running on November 1? 

I mean... that's the same day that I always plan to update my blog, right? 

And when did it occur to me that on that very day, I would also be in Houston, attending the incredible quilt show of the International Quilters Association (IQA)? 

How can I do three things at once?  Needless to say, the wheels have fallen off of the wagon and I decided to go with two out of three:  the website will debut on November 1 (assuming the web host puts it all online, as planned), and I will be at the quilt show.  As for my blog, I will post the November 1 edition on November 15.  There will be tons to see and share! 

In the meantime, I'm going to celebrate because my Twirly Balls and Pinwheels quilt got a third place ribbon in Mixed Techniques at the Houston show.  Whee!  I was very pleased - the quilts, across the board this year, are all simply incredible; I'll be sharing some quilt show photos here when I post on November 15 (with more pictures to come later).  I'll also show you where I've been, what I've been working on, and more.  Until then, feel free to check out my website ( and stay tuned for November 15!

Happy quilting --
Sue Garman

(c)2013 Susan H. Garman


  1. I can't tell you how much I wait for your blog posts. An embarrassment of riches! By the way, I just recently found your blog and spent several days going back and reading past posts. What a delight it was to see my friend Joanne Ellsworth featured on your blog. She was so thrilled when I told her.

  2. Congratulatuions on your ribbon at Houston! Well deserved.

  3. I ask myself that question just about everyday

  4. I went to and only saw a bunch of hay bales. Is the site supposed to be up and running yet, or is this just a teaser?