Thursday, October 1, 2015

Time is Flying!!!

For each of you that awaits my blog post each month... I have really tried hard to be timely about posting on the first of the month, each month.  This month, hard as I've tried... I'm not going to be on time.  I hate when that happens!

I just returned from ten days at Baltimore on the Prairie, and have some family duties that are keeping me from my computer.  I have all the pictures loaded on my blog... but I have only had time to add my comments to about half of them so far.

So... tomorrow, I should have the post online.  What's the subject of this one?  Well... It's October.  It's Halloween.  Its time for pumpkins and candy corn... and everything ORANGE.  So when the post appears, put on your sunglasses.  This post will be ALL ABOUT CHEDDAR FABRIC!!!!

Hold tight... it's coming.

While I have your attention, I'd like to also note that I've gotten an email about every other month or so, asking why notice of my posts is never sent, given that the person has signed up for notice of them.  I have checked into it more than once and have finally determined... much to my consternation... that the blogger system cannot handle files that are the size of mine.  With tons and tons of photos, my posts challenge even the most robust of normal systems.  So... my suggestion is that if you want to read my posts, put a recurring note on your calendar to remind you to come check my blog out on the first of the month.

In the meantime, I am exploring another option:  moving my posts to my website, where I can post them directly onto the website for your viewing, and also send out my own notice, through the website newsletter function, of my posts.  I'll keep you up to date on my progress, but don't expect quick resolution; I've got a long task list and despite the fact that I love doing my blog, love sharing my love of quilts, love providing tutorials, and love getting to know some of you, getting the blog moved to another system is not yet at the top of my task list!  Sigh... somebody needs to invent time; I will BUY it when it's available!!

Happy October, Happy Halloween, and Happy EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!!!



  1. I look forward every month to your wonderful site so much that I don't need a reminder. Everything you post is beautiful. There is so much there, I figure it takes a lot of time out of your busy schedule.

  2. I also look forward to your post. I have it on the sidebar of my blog so it just shows up. Looking forward to a cheddar post.

  3. Your posts are worth waiting for! Whenever they come, they are WONDERFUL!! Thank you for sharing so much of your talent, your love of quilts, and yourself with us!!

  4. Ditto to all of the above! I don't know how you manage to do all the things you do. Wish I had your energy! Thank you for many hours of eye candy and everything else you post.

  5. Double ditto to all the above! I look forward to your posts as the highlight of a new month; on the first, I just start checking for it, and when it appears, it is my treat for the day! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and insight with us!

  6. We'll take your posts when you can do them. :) For myself, no worries - I keep you listed on my sidebar blogroll, so I see each time you've put up a post without needing a newsletter reminder. It's so nice of you to plan to someday switch to a workaround, but we understand that "real life" has pressing tasks!

  7. Love your monthly posts whatever day they appear! I use a free blog called Bloglovin and when I go to the Bloglovin website, it shows me a list of all my blogs that have new posts. Easy peasy!

    1. That should say free blog reader called Bloglovin. Check it out!

  8. Sue, your posts are a true joy.
    All of them!! :)
    I wait anxiously for the beautiful pieces.
    And I follow your blog on a feed reader.
    Best way to be always updated.

    Big hug!!

  9. An easier alternative may be to simply post another post that says that you have posted the image-laden post. That way, people can see it and come to your blog to see everything as usual, and you don't have to move anything anywhere.

  10. Your Blog is always worth the wait!!!

  11. I always enjoy your posts, Sue. Personally, I would prefer that you keep your blog where it is. Private blog software seems to be less compatible with Blogger blogs, so if you move it you may lose a lot of people who currently connect to you through Blogger.

    Why don't you try using a jump break near the beginning of your posts? And, under Settings/Other/Site Feed, choose "until jump break." This should make the emails much shorter, and they will hopefully then reach everyone. Or you can just choose "short" in the same menu, but then you have no control over where it will break. Anyway, I'm sure you will find an easier solution. Happy stitching!