Friday, November 2, 2007

After the Houston Quilt Show...

The Stars of Mother Goose
(c)2007 Susan H. Garman
The great Houston Quilt Market is over, the great Quilt Show is nearly over, and I am exhausted! If you have never been to Houston during "Festival" (as it is known locally), plan to make the trip someday. There is so much to see - from fabrics and quilts to gadgets and gizmos, to people and classes. And that's without ever leaving the convention center!

At Quilt Market, my Mother Goose fabric was introduced by P&B Textiles. I had two quilts showcasing the fabric on display in the P&B booth, including the one above. Denise Green quilted this quilt, along with the other Mother Goose quilt; her work is absolutely incredible.

I will be making more quilts - as well as other non-quilt items - using the Mother Goose fabric. It is a multi-dimensional fabric, with the ability to move outside of the juvenile genre. Stay tuned - you might be surprised at what shows up on this blog!

Happy stitching!

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