Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Wow!  I think that's the best word I can use to describe the Houston International Quilt Festival this year.  All of the quilts were fantastic, and there was so much to take in... and, of course, there was the exhibit that is near and dear to our hearts... Remembering Sue Garman: Traditional Talent Extraordinaire.  It's hard to describe the feelings that came over me when we walked into the exhibit.  It was overwhelming, spectacular, beautiful, and sad, all at the same time.  It was fantastic to see so many of the quilts hanging together, and they seemed to just go on forever!  I'm pretty sure that people missed pieces of the exhibit because they didn't realize how many quilts were part of it.  Mary and I got to meet so many people who knew Mom, or who were affected by her in some way over the years.  And, we even got to learn more about her quilts as we listened to stories that friends and fans told us about them.  Many thanks to Quilts, Inc. for hosting the show, and to The Quilt Show for sponsoring the exhibit.  We can't say it enough!  Now, this month will be many more photos than words.  On with the show!

And to All a Good Night was on the end that opened the exhibit.

Quilted Gingerbread was right next to And to All a Good Night.

Ladies of the Sea

The Christmas Lady

The Garden Lady

The Quilt Lady

Mama Said.  In small embroidered font, she wrote things that mothers say to their kids around each block, for example "Always wear clean underwear." At the show, we learned that one of the two Mama Said quilts that she made has all the things kids say to their parents embroidered on the back, such as "Are we there yet?"

Grandpa's Nightshirts

Good Golly

The Walkaway Star Quilt

Cotton Candy

Addie's Cheddar Alphabet

The Glorious Princess Feather

Ruffled Feathers

Sarah's Revival

The Washingtonian

Friends of Baltimore

Sallie's Secret

Baltimore Glory

Coxcomb Medallion - Round Robin

Bed of Roses - the cover quilt for Festival this year!

Baltimore Squared

Sue's Lone Star Medallion

The Houstonian

Lily Rosenberry

Spring Joy

Ruffled Roses

Feathered Log Cabin Christmas

Shine On, Harvest Moon

If Friends Were Flowers

Chain Gang - Chains

Chain Gang - Flowers, Stars, and Chains

The Barrel Racer


Postage Due.  Do you see the mistake in one of the blocks?  I had never seen it before, until
someone pointed it out to me at Festival.

Tucker's Tulips

My Blue Heaven

Bouquets for a New Day

Chain Gang - Flowers and Chains

Target Practice

Trick or Treat

Boo Buddies


Summer Joy

Classic Santas

Winter Memories

Bunny Block Sampler

Daisy's Mother Goose Quilt

Hugs and Kisses

Happy Daze

Mother Goose Stories

Borrowed Roses

Feathered Star Heaven

Hearts in Bloom

All Around the Town

Antique Rose Quilt

Autumn Joy

The Night Before Christmas

We noticed that the stockings have the grandchildren's names on them!  Not including the youngest, Ben, because he hadn't been born yet.

The Lindenberry Quilt

Gingerbread Joy

Papercut Fancy

Forever Yours

Little Baskets

Southern Beauty

Twirly Balls and Pinwheels

Afternoon Delight

Pennsylvania Stars

Coxcomb Medallion

Ancient Stars

Floating Stars


My Old Kentucky Beau
There were so many more quilts to see at the show, but I'm going to leave today with just Mom's exhibit since there were so many.  We're working on bringing back some of her older patterns, like Trick or Treat, Yuletide Joy, and Harvest Moon.  Let us know if you have any special requests!

Have a fantastic holiday season, and we'll see you soon.  Keep on stitching!


  1. Wow! Just wow! Your mom's quilts are amazing! She was so prolific.

  2. Thank you so much. I am dazzled to see them all in one place. They are all really special, but I already have so many of her patterns that I will need another lifetime to complete them. I feel so happy and fortunate that I made a point to travel to Tampa a few years back just to take her classes.

  3. What a wonderful show it must have been! Thank you for sharing your mother's tremendous talent with us. It truly is inspiring!

  4. Thank you doesn't seem like enough. I miss her monthly posts.


  5. Wow - How I would have LOVED seeing this exhibit - I would have spent all of every day it was on just poring over each quilt. I've been a long-time Sue fan, and have several of her patterns. Somehow, though, I'd never seen "And to All a Good Night!" And do you know, it's the absolute perfect quilt for my bed. I've been searching for months for just the right thing. Of course it would be a Sue quilt. :) Sue taught me how to preshrink my battings. I'll always be grateful to her for that.

  6. I so so wish I could have seen your mother's work in person. Thank you for sharing them here today. I will be returning to this post many many times to enjoy her work.
    What an incredible collection of quilts!
    Congratulations on the exhibit. I know many people who enjoyed it at the show and many more like me who enjoyed seeing photos and hearing about it.

  7. I cannot thank you enough. I miss your mother's monthly posts. This brings back all the wonderful memories of her delightful comments on quilts and quilting. You two must be beyond proud. Such a great tribute to one of the quilting world's greatest talents. Take care!

  8. How prolific. I'm sorry I wasn't at Houston this year to see them in person, but your pictures were great.

  9. Thank you for sharing these wonderful quilts. Her contributions to the quilting world are unprecedented and she is missed. God bless you all.

  10. Such an extraordinary talent, and what a legacy. Thankyou for sharing with us once again

  11. What a legacy. I would be interested in the Halloween themed patterns. WOW just wow.

  12. For all of us who couldn't get to Houston, and those who did will want it too, I hope someone is planning a book of Sue Garman's works. Singlehandedly, she changed the face of quilting.

    1. We are definitely planning a book of her quilts! We're pretty early in the process right now, trying to figure out the best path forward, and the best way to get all of the quilts photographed well enough for printing. It will happen!

  13. I was introduced to your mom's work for the first time at Quilt Festival this year and it was truly amazing to see all her beautiful quilts. I've been at JSC for 20 years now but only started quilting a few years ago and sadly never crossed paths with Sue. I was at Festival with a friend who quilted with her, and was able to hear quite a few stories about some of the ones on display!

  14. Amazing! Thank you for sharing her quilts, I would have loved to see them in person. I miss her posts, she shared so much of herself.

  15. What a wonderful tribute to your mother! I miss her monthly posts. The Garden Lady is one pattern I’d love to have.

  16. I keep coming back to this post to see all the beautiful quilts in one place. Wish I could have gone to Houston. Count me in on wanting a book too.

  17. Harvest Moon and The Garden Lady. So wonderfully sweet. They are all fabulous - I'd order as many as I could get my hands on. I would love a book with all of the options. Thank you for posting. She was an amazing quilter.