Monday, August 18, 2008

The Quilt Show Debut!

Today, the taping I did with The Quilt Show aired. The Quilt Show is Ricky Tims' and Alex Anderson's online web community; if you haven't explored it and have some time, you'll find that joining gives you a pretty good "bang for the buck." Their web community has "shows" with a wide, diverse range of quilters, as well as "classes" with Ricky and Alex, free mini-projects, a quilt gallery with thousands of quilts posted by members, a free block-of-the-month pattern, blogs galore, and lots of online friends who offer their experiences, ideas, and support. If you check out their "take the tour" pages and go to page 4, you can watch a part of one show and learn a cool way to make flying geese with one seam line, how to do great photo transfers, and how Jean Wells designs and makes her lovely quilts. Check it out at

Being an introvert, taping the show made me a nervous wreck, but Ricky and Alex put me at ease in a nanosecond. They are wonderful people, as are John Anderson, Justin Shults, and the entire TQS film crew. In my taping, I demonstrated how I do as much pre-work as possible when making a quilt -- it makes quilt-making go so much faster! In the show you'll also see some close-up photos of some of my quilts.


(c)2008 Susan H. Garman


  1. I just saw you on TQS with Alex and Ricky - your quilts are awesome, I am collecting the patterns for Ladies of the Sea and my daughter (who is serving in the US Navy) asked me to do that one for her and her husband (who is also in the Navy). And of course I have to make one for myself too.

  2. Wow - if you are making TWO Ladies of the Sea, you are more than a glutton for punishment! That quilt is very labor intensive with 16 applique blocks and a wide, full appliqued border.... but it is SO worth every effort you put into it. Best wishes!
    Sue Garman