Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daisy's Quilt

Happy New Year to everyone! For me, the new year is a great time to pause and reflect on the past before setting new goals. My husband and I often remark on how blessed we are: good health, good friends, a wonderful family, and faith that sustains us. I wish everyone was able to experience the joy we have found in life. I've been thinking about goals for the coming year - I always establish a few, but so far I haven't decided on this year's set. Maybe it's just too soon to focus!

In the meantime, I managed to finish a quilt top for one of my grand daughters, Daisy. At one year old, she's an angel full of smiles and contagious giggles. My daughter asked me to use my Mother Goose & Friends fabric (from P&B Textiles) for the quilt, which I did. Sometimes the simplest quilts end up being the cutest, don't they? This quilt was a hit with Mom and Daisy - and is set to be quilted next week.

"Daisy's Quilt" (c)2008 Susan H. Garman

Over the holidays, I spent a lot of time just quilting, reading, relaxing, cleaning, and "nesting." I hope you all know what nesting means; for me it means making the place I call home "new" again: a fresh coat of paint, a couple of repair jobs, cleaning out a couple closets, a bit of deep cleaning, some rearranging of things... these all work together to freshen up the house. One of my hopes for this year is to really work on my sewing room. It's a mess! So somewhere in the goals for the coming year... there will likely be an overhaul of my "studio."

Another goal for the coming year will surely be revamping my website. It had not been touched for so long that I recently scratched the whole site and now just "point" to this blog. Blogs have a place in the world, but they are not the best venue for everything: they are not the greatest forum, for example, to display galleries of quilts or "how to" instructions. So... until I get my website up and running again, I will be posting photos of quilts on my blog - some recent ones, but also some quilts that I made years ago. Just posting a few a week will take me well over a year! So come back often and see what I've done in the past, what I've completed recently... and where my goals are going to lead me!


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